We are fully aware of the various elements that are required to ensure your stand makes it to your exhibition in the most streamlined and cost effective way. We have overcome many disruptions over the years and pride ourselves on our preventative methods and creative solutions.

We transport each project ourselves and have a number of trusted partners for larger exhibitions, so you know your stand is safe with us. No project is too big or too far and we will always ensure the process is completed as quickly and efficiently as possible.


If you wish to reuse elements of your stand we can safely store and refurbish these for your next exhibition. Many of our clients have bespoke stands that are reused throughout the year. This is particularly useful when elements are branded or costly to re-create.

If your stand size has changed for the next exhibition, we can adjust your stand to the new requirements as well as refurbishing. Whether you need your stand installed at 3am or a safe place to keep it until next year, we will ensure that it is well looked after.