We take a professional and meticulous approach to constructing your stand. Our carpenters and technicians specialise in bespoke designs and work closely with our designers to ensure your stand is of the highest quality.

We always ensure your stand is built and installed in the safest and most cost-effective way. Modular elements are constructed on site and transported to your venue, this allows us to identify any issues before the event.

On-site construction will be carried out in the desired time frame and we will always make sure you are completely happy prior to your event.


We manage every element of production from our warehouse, which means we have total accountability for your stand – something we take seriously. Our carpenters and craftsman have a wealth of experience when it comes to building and are committed to creating a safe, sturdy and spectacular stand.

Our in-house technology, ensures your stand is built in the most efficent way. Our CNC machine enables us to cut wood, aluminium and other hard materials quickly and accurately, allowing us more time to focus on the detail.