We are not your average stand builder, everything is hand crafted in-house which allows us to dedicate our time to creating something completely unique. Creating bespoke stands allows us to better reflect your brand and deliver your vision.

We have crafted everything from a bespoke swing to a full-scale model aeroplane. We carefully consider each detail and update you on the progress of your stand every step of the way. Whatever the size and budget, our talented designers and artisans can transform your exhibition space into something special.


Modular systems are sturdy and versatile, providing endless creative solutions for exhibition stands. Our aluminium frames are easily assembled to configure a temporary wall or exhibition stand in almost any size or shape. These lightweight frames are easily transported and constructed, allowing for maximum efficiency for cost and time.

The modular exhibition systems are reusable and recyclable, making them a sustainable alternative to traditional methods and can incorporate seamless fabric graphics, aluminium composite boards and foam board.

We also have the facilities to create bespoke walls that can be fixed to aluminium to create unique structures. With its cost and time-saving qualities, it is unsurprising that the modular frames are so popular in exhibitions.